Operating Standards

Success at Pacific Environmental Corporation is defined by such factors as quality of work, long lasting client relationships, and a superior safety record.  Our personnel are highly qualified to meet any challenge.  At PENCO, we provide our staff with the equipment, support and working conditions necessary to bring our clients' projects to completion on time, within budget and with a great sense of pride. 

Safety, for both people and property, is a critical component in all work performed by PENCO. Through the use of site specific evaluations and safety plans, training and certification, proper equipment and countless years of experience, PENCO strives to provide a safe and injury free work environment.  In our commitment to our clients, we honor the importance of fulfilling your safety and compliance requirements by integrating the highest standards achievable. 

Project Management is vital to the success of any environmental or petroleum industry project.  At PENCO, management starts with project planning prior to the commencement of work.  Safety issues, work elements, schedule concerns, budget concerns and client requirements are reviewed in detail with all key personnel.  Administrative and operational personnel utilize project management and accounting software to track and control costs associated with every project which provides clients with accurate, real-time information.  

Training - Part of our standard of excellence is a history of providing continuing education for our employees.  Whether to hone technical skills used in the field, keep up with new technological advances or to keep abreast of constantly evolving industry regulations and standards, PENCO is committed to maintaining the highest level of expertise among all our team members.