Facility inspection, repair and maintenance is a logical complement to PENCO environmental and marine services. State and Federal agencies are in a constant process of formulating and adjusting new regulations covering field and shop-fabricated storage tanks and facilities with increasing emphasis on inspection, maintenance, and spill prevention. Our approach is to act as a partner with the client to assess the most effective strategy to meet all applicable regulations, while working with the need to balance operational requirements and maintenance costs.

A substantial advantage for rural Alaska is the ability of PENCO’s qualified work teams to contribute from beginning to end to all aspects of a project. After cleaning and gas freeing the tanks, field personnel already on location can seamlessly move to perform required inspections, demolition or repairs without additional costs or delay.  Our personnel have performed tank and piping inspections, cleaning, tank relocations, demolition, containment area construction and repair, coating application and repair, UST removal and a variety of “as needed” services for multiple clients throughout Alaska.  Our inventory of equipment and our experience with logistics allows for both timely and affordable project completion.



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